Manufacturing Centered Microfluidic Product and Process Consulting Services

  • by Experts
  • for Laboratory, Factory and POC Dx Products
  • from Idea to Market

Our Microfluidic Consulting Services

Our services help to manage the complexity of user, assay, consumable, and instrument requirements on the technical side and to navigate performance, time, and costs on the commercial side, the ultimate goal being the achievement of sustainable business for our clients and partners.

System Engineering

Microfluidic Concept Development
(Consumable, Instrument, Reagents)

Consumable Design for Manufacturing and Automation

Consumable Cost Analysis

Support of Feasibility and Prototyping Programs

Consumable Production

Manufacturing Process

Production Planning
(Machines, Tools, QC)

Tolerance Management

Support Production Set-up,
Optimization, Q & V


Interim Management of Development and Production Programs

Support of Funding Programs
Business Development, Business Plan

IP Strategy

Support SCM, CRO, CMO

Our Experience Profile

Our services are powered by innovation.

Consumable Manufacturing Processes


We are backed by hands-on experience of microfluidic consumable production processes securing quantity and quality at scale.


Silicon MEMS Processes

Lithography & Electroplating

PVD and Plasma Coating


Micro- and Lasermachining

Cold and Thermal Foil Forming

Injection Molding, Embossing, Casting

Cutting (die, laser)


Component Feeding

Pick & Place

Tape/Film/Foil Application

Bonding and Welding, (thermal, laser, sonic)

Heat Stake

Reagent Loading (dry, wet)


Vision and QC


Microscopy (optical, confocal)

White Light Interferometry

3D CMM and Optical Profilometry


Load Cell

Contact Angle Measurements

Leak Testing

Functional Testing


Entrepreneur, CEO, CTO, GM Positions > 20 years

Start-up, Exit and Public Corporation
P & L > € 20 Mio

Scientific Director Research Organization > 5 years

Public Funded Programs > 30 x

Product Development Programs > € 5 Mio Lead Invest

Production Scale Programs > € 20 M Lead Invest

IP Management


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